Kinky London Escorts In The Amazing City

Would you like to learn more about your kinky side? Since I have been working for the best London escorts agencythe best London escorts agency, I have acquired a lot of what I like to call adult knowledge. When you work for London escorts, you soon appreciate that it takes all sorts to make the world go around. Not all of us have the same taste when it comes to adult experiences. Some men like BDSM and others are completely turned off by it. But, unless you try, you never really know what you are going to enjoy.

I am often asked about different sexual practices when I am on duty with London escorts. A lot of men who date London escorts like to do so because they think that they have a bit of a kinky side. Some men who like to date escorts in London on a regular basis even have fetishes. To be honest, it is much easier to deal with a man who has a fetish. Men with fetishes know what they are about and don’t worry about enjoying their fetishes. The same can’t be said for men who want to explore their fetishes.

So, what do you do if you think that you have a kinky side and would like to explore it? The smartest thing is to find out a bit more about your kinky sidekinky side even before you call London escorts. I often find that many men who contact London escorts think that they are what I call “ready to go”. They may have seen a porno and I think that BDSM maybe for them. They call London escorts and expect to be able to enjoy a full session right away. That is not the right way to go about it. A full BDSM session may just be too much to handle for them.

I love domination and I have to admit that is what I specialise in. However, the BDSM virgins who contact me simply do not understand what is involved in proper BDSM. They think that they are going to be able to enjoy a full session on their first date. That never happens. Instead, on the first date, I explain what BDSM is all about and how you practice it safely. I show them some of the tools that are going to be used and what we are going to do. I also explain how important it is to stay safe.

Do all of them come back? Not all men who have one date with London escorts come back. Some of them don’t appreciate how important it is to stay safe and what importance London escorts place on sexual safety. They think that a date with a London escort is going to be like in their pornos right away. We will eventually get there but like I say to them, we need to be sure they enjoy it. In other words, practice makes perfect. One thing is for sure, you will enjoy practicing with me and I will make sure that I really explore your kinky side.

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