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Kinky Sex with Carrots

My husband and I love playing with foods. I know that you need to be careful when you don’t use standard sex toys, but I got addicted to kinky sex during my time with charlotte escorts. The gents I dated at London escorts used to tell me all about their idea of kinky sex, and in the end, I started to explore some of the ideas myself. One of the ideas which appealed to most was playing with food. I soon learned that fruit and vegetables were the ideal mediums to enrich your sex life.

When I eventually left London escorts to get married and settle down with a partner, I did so with a guy who was not afraid to explore my open-minded attitude to sex. We had met during my time with London escorts. He had been working for a male London escorts service. The moment I met him at a swinger’s party in London, I knew that he was the right man for me, and it did not take us long to become an item.

He is the only men I have ever met who has not raised an eyebrow when it has come to my more exciting sexual habits. Instead, he seemed to be rather interested, and it was not long before we started to explore each other on days off from our respective London escorts services. Together we managed to come up with both fruit and vegetable alternatives to the most commonly used sex toys. My colleagues at London escorts used to laugh at me, and at the same time, it was clear that they rather liked some of our more innovative ideas.

My future husband had this particular idea about me using a carrot to give him a prostate massage. At first I thought that he was crazy, but then I realised that a lot of carrots are the perfect shape to be used as butt plugs or dildos. I shared the idea with my London escorts girlfriends and clearly saw that some serious fun could be had with a carrot. But, it was not until my boyfriend and I eloped to Las Vegas and got married, we fulfilled our dreams.

It was actually on our honeymoon everything went wrong. We had both taken three weeks off from London escorts to take an extended holiday and celebrate our nuptials. Las Vegas is a mecca for kinky sex, so we had not brought any of our usual sex toys with us. One night, we got into our heads that we should try that much-talked prostate massage with a carrot. We went to a supermarket in Las Vegas and bought some carrots. Not having tried the trick before, we did not realise carrots can break rather easily. Let me put it this way, that night we ended up in a Las Vegas emergency room desperately trying to explain to a young nurse that my husband had half a carrot stuck up his ass after our first carrot adventure had gone wrong. I had never been that embarrassed in my entire life!

Tips For Newly-Weds

Newlywed sex can be fun and electrifying. It can also be awkward, clumsy and unsettling. Sure, you love your partner. You married them after all. But there’s a shyness hanging in the air that keeps you from enjoying sex fully. You thought this would be easy. It’s proving not to be. This is understandable. And no, you’re not a weirdo. Many newly married folks go through the same thing.

It happens because you’re not very comfortable with each other. You’ve only just started being around each other for most of day and night. You want your partner to see you at your best, and they do the same. So you’re afraid of what they may be thinking about you. The good thing is: Your partner feels the same way. As you become more comfortable being around each other a lot, things will get easier. But to help you along, here are things you can try.

Tip #1: Be candid about your feelings
Shed the shy personality and put on a fierce persona. Let your partner see you for the sexy being you are. Show him/her a side of you they didn’t know existed. Tell them when you want sex and use direct language.
No metaphors.
No polite talk.
Use rousing ‘adult’ words. Do this, and he/she is likely to reciprocate. In no time, the awkwardness will dissipate.

Tip #2: Be the one to initiate sex
Make the first move. Tell them what you want to do to them and what you want them to do to you. It’s liberating and stimulating.

Tip #3: Be flirty
Flirt with your partner anytime, anywhere. In person or on the phone. Sext them throughout the day. If they’re away for a couple of days, have phone sex.
It’ll build up the excitement so that when you see each other, you’re ready to go.
Escorts have mastered the art of flirting. Learn a few things about them.

Tip #4: Talk dirty to each other
This may feel awkward at first, but as you get the hang of it, it gets easier. And fun. Tell yourself there’s no one else you’d rather be talking to in this manner.
Put soul into it and get as crass as you can. Chances are you’ll both end up laughing and freer with one another.

Tip #5: Be open-minded
Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Learn together and discover new ways to sexually explode as one. Explore the world of adult sex fully.
It starts with baby steps, but eventually, you’ll get there.

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